Terms & Conditions


For each one of the 4 Gold rounds each user/customer may suggest to invite max 4 Creators.

Results will be published on November 10,  2017.

Creators which do not create exclusive Full Mesh clothes, Bento accessories (head and hands) or Tattoos for Mesh bodies and Heads will be excluded.

The results of the drawing for the 3 gift cards to spend at the Event will be published on the 10 of November 2017 and winners will be informed by IM, notecards and email.

All email addresses and individual votes will remain private.

Deadline to suggest brand names name is on  October 31 at  11:59pm SLT.

Creators & Bloggers / Christmas - New Year Round

18 December 00:00 SLT until 10 January 2018 23:59 SLT

           Terms, conditions and Information about the Grab Gold

           The Grab Gold are not classic event rounds. 

           Is a special invitation to join as from the vote of SL users.           

           Only the Top 20 creators that were voted by SL users are able to participate plus 4 SL and 4 RL            Sponsors.

           As we must respect SL users/customers votes we are kindly asking the top20 creators of each round            to read this part of the terms and conditions carefully before decide if will join as we will not be able            to accept any second thought in case they declined the invitation at the first time.

           In case that a creator will decline the invitation we will send an invitation to the runner up of the            same category.

           The Grab reserves the right to explain to users the reason which a Creator declined the invitation

           to the web site.

           In case of decline the creator will be excluded from the next 2 rounds and all future votes for 2 rounds            will be consider invalid.                   

           In case that a creator will accept the invitation and will not rez until the deadline will be excluded for            4 rounds and all future votes for 4 rounds will be consider invalid.


           Section 1: Creators and Booths

           The booths will be assigned from a draw of names.           

           Maximum prim allowance to each booth is 50 prims. 

           In special cases such as accessories, jewelry or mesh bodies 100 prims will be allowed.

           Due to the fact that this is a special event including top designers as voted on by SL users -customers,            there will be no upfront charge for the booth rental. 

           However we ask for a 5% commission based on sales.

           The script of the vendor must include 5% to be paid to yingthai Resident. 

            Key: 6d289a5f-be3e-4133-aa2d-435afb9e2610

           The overall themes for each round will be seasonal so the decorations should be tasteful and elegant            to go along with our exclusive event.

           There will be a Christmas/New Year's round, a St. Valentine's Day round and a Spring/Easter and a            Summer round so decorations can go along with those ideas if you choice, but all decorations must            be tasteful. 

           Inside the booth as decoration you can rez your logo as you would like it, but above the booth you            need to provide yingthai resident a 1024X256 logo with a black background.

           You can rez only one exclusive product (for example in case of outfits upper - bottom even a bag etc.),            sample of colors, demos and a gift if you would like.

           All creators are allowed to add a store credit to their vendors. 

           We will provide you with the Grab Gold Logo, so please add a board to your main store with a direct            teleport to your booth (as the tp will be activated to anywhere). 

           This way your customers can rez directly in front of your booth.


           All creators that will join the Christmas - New Year round have the right to participate to the Silver            rounds (28th of each month to the 24th of next month) free of charge.

             Sections 2: Timelines

             The Gold Event area will be open as preview to visitors until 30 November 23:59 Slt.


             The area will be available and open for creators to decorate and rez their products and bloggers              from 00:00 Slt time of 10 December until 23:59 Slt of 15 December.  


             Section 3: Bloggers 


              As the Gold rounds require experienced bloggers, The Grab reserve the right to decline a bloggers               application.

              Bloggers will receive the creations directly from creators as from request.

              Only the bloggers of the official bloggers list are able to receive the items.


              Section 4: Extra Services for participants (free of charge).

              a. Promotional videos with Sl models to youtube and the Grab Channel.

                   Sample 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nhmsbjfLp8

                   Sample 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFAbCHAGSiY

              b. Telemarketing videos that will promote screen vendors with RL models.

              c. Promotional add boards with a pic of the creators vendor and direct teleport from 1254 parcels                    inworld.

All participants designers are invited to the Gala of presentation for the Gold round on 16 December on 2 am SLT. to Franks Elite.

Invitations will be send to designers directly from Franks Elite Managment.

Legal info - trademarks and copyrights

Heidi (HeidiKoch) 

Event producer  reserve the right to change any or all of these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Ying (yingthai) 

Groups Owner - Copyright and management.

Heidi and Ying are the only proprietors of The Grab 

Exclusive Sales Event brand and related activities, all rights reserved.

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