We would like to explain to all creators (that took a place to top20) that The Grab Gold is not a classic Event round. 

The target of The Grab Gold is to honor the creators 4 times a year as awarded from the votes of their customers.  

For this reason we not charge for the rent of the booths.

As we must respect SL users/customers votes in case that a creator will decline the invitation we will send an invitation to the runner up of the same category.          

The Grab Events (as from Terms & Conditions) reserves the right to explain to users the reason which a Creator declined the invitation. 

Participation is not mandatory however it will be appreciated to honor the wishes of customers.

In case of decline the creator will be excluded from the next 2 rounds and future votes for the following 2 rounds will be considered invalid.

In case that a creator will accept the invitation and will not rez until the deadline will be excluded for 4 rounds and all future votes for 4 rounds will be consider invalid. 

Creators excluded for the next 2 rounds as they declinded their customers invitation

Monso - full schedule 

Entwined - full schedule

Fallen Gods Inc - no response 

Cold Ash - unable to participate 

Deadwool - full schedule 

Fabia - no response

.Shi - unable to participate

Gabriel - busy

Asteria - unreadable answer

Creators excluded for the next 4 rounds

Gaal - Excluded from both Silver & Gold rounds

Scandalize - Excluded from Gold

SL Vogue - Excluded from both Silver & Gold rounds